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    Boogeyman vs Big Show rp#3

    the scene opens with boogeyman in his normal attire with a steel chair marching towards Scot Hall's dressing room,In front of Razor's personal dressing room steel chair in hand the boogeyman stands at the door but many muscular guards are keeping him out

    Boogeyman Let Me in

    Guard sorry but no can do sir, razor has to get ready for both of his matches

    a snarl appears on his lips

    Boogeyman I need to see razor. If you don't let me in ill force my way in

    threatens with steel chair,uses his free hand to point at the chair then at the guards head

    Guard Im going to have to ask you to leave

    The Boogeyman let's out a demonic chuckle showing the gaps between his teeth

    Boogeyman hahahahahah.......I'll ask you again nicely. let me in i have personal business to attend with him

    GuardSorry sir i was given strict orders not to let anyone scary looking with red and black face paint with a demonic smile

    The boogeyman starts gritting his teeth and squeezing tighter to the chair

    GuardLeave NOW!!!!!!!

    The boogeyman get's very agitatated with him so he starts to walk away but stops and levels the guard straight in the head leting out a cry knocking him out leaving a giant dent in the chair as he goes to strike again all the guards focefuly pin him aginst the wall thustfar restraning he decides to forget it and turns down the hallway twards the locker room as he turns the corner he is blinded by camra flashes.the boogeyman looks disgusted.out of the crowd comes a small brown haired man with a micraphone

    Press Mr. Boogeyman is it true


    Boogeyman Is what true

    Pressthat you will be facing Big Show at Never Surrender

    A suprised look apears on his face but quickly fades away

    Boogeyman So your telling me that loser hall or ramon or steve or whatever you call him. Chickend out on his match with Big Show and hands it to me well tell the Big Slo this. I don't care i face him hall, sandman, edge or the whole dam Ecw locker room I will not loose at Never Surrender

    Press scary words for a scary man thanks for your time

    Cut someone says as the press and the camera man walk away.The boogeyman turns away but as he goes to enter the locker room the door opens and the mamoth 7 foot 500 pound big show steps out.and very angrily says

    Big Show I heard what you said so if you think you can take the big show or the ecw locker room let's go

    Shoves boogeyman but no response

    Big Show not so tough now eh......mocks boogeymans dance

    The Boogeyman stares down the big show for a few seconds.thinking about puting the chair to use again but shakes his head no

    Boogeyman well show let's just say im not 100% right now but by Never Surrender I will show you how extreme i can be.
    see it just takes one move the pumphandle slam so i can pin you 1......2......3

    Slaps hand on other hand like a ref.Big show starts to get very angry

    Big like i said if you think you can beat me bring it right now uses finger pokes boogeyman come on lets fight

    Shoves hard

    Big ShowJust what i thought

    show walks away every step he takes makes a loud thud. The boogeyman turns around and leaves but as he is walking out he sees a little kid with his shirt on so he pulls out his sharpe and autographs the chair and gives it to the kid

    KidThanks mr.boogeyman could i have a picture made with you

    the boogeyman walks over puts his arm around the kid smiles.then fades away into the distance heading to the parking gargae. the scene fades with boogeyman geting into his car

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    Re: Boogeyman vs Big Show rp#3

    I can't tell... is the Boogeyman heel or face? He sounds more face than anything from this promo, but I always assumed he was a heel character. If he's face, good... cuz ECW is low on them.

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