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    WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

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    Pyro goes off as the fans in the arena go wild for an exciting edition of Monday Night Raw that is about to take place.

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman welcome Monday Night Raw. We are fresh off the heels of another PPV just twenty four hours ago. Title or Title Less.

    Jerry Lawler: And what a PPV it was. It featured WWE and ECW superstars all battling for the ECW world championship. But what a night we have for you tonight. A huge main event.

    JR: You ain’t kidding King! We have a huge PPV quality main event on the card tonight.

    Jerry Lawler: Let’s get things started with our first match here tonight.

    The Miz’s music hits as he comes threw the curtain with a goofy smile on his face. He looks at Black Machismo who is already in the ring as he walks up the isle.

    Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, The Mizzzzz!!!

    The Miz enters the ring and waits for his opponent to make his way out. Dynamite Kid’s music hits and he makes his way out from the backstage area and onto the ramp way.

    Lillian Garcia: And his opponent he is the DYNAMITE KID!!!!

    Dynamite Kid makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring.

    The match starts as both men tie it up, Dynamite kid gets the better of the both and pushes Miz down to the floor. Miz looks up at him as he slowly gets back up. He raises his arms in the air signaling for a test of strength, Dynamite kid raises his arms up but Miz lowers his and pokes him in the eye. Dynamite kid stumbles backwards as Miz now hits him with a dropkick. Miz lays on him for the cover,
    1.……………………2……Kick out.

    J.R: Miz is looking for a cheap win here tonight.

    Miz gets up and lifts up Dynamite kid, he grabs him by the head and slams it against the turnbuckle, he now turns him around and punches him in the face. He now irish whips him to the other side of the ring. Miz runs after him and nails him with a clothesline Miz now grabs him and delivers a monkey flip causing Dynamite kid to land in the middle of the ring.

    King: Miz is staying on him, not giving Dynamite kid a chance to attack.

    Miz now walks over to Dynamite kid lifting him up, he grabs him and lifts him up in a suplex but he counters it and lands behind Miz. Miz turns around and Dynamite kid nails him with a clothesline, Miz falls down and gets right back up and he is hit by another clothesline, Miz falls down and gets back up and Dynamite kid lifts him up into a back body drop.

    J.R: Dynamite kid is making a comeback!!!

    Dynamite kid grabs Miz and delivers a body slam, he now walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope. He jumps off with a diving head butt but Miz rolls out of the way, he gets up and lifts up Dynamite kid, The Miz grabs Dynamite kid and attempts the Mizard of Oz, Dynamite Kid reverses, the Miz escapes the reverses and rolls him up for a school boy. Miz is grabbing on to the tights 1.………………….2.…………………………3!!

    JR: The Miz just stole one from the Dynamite Kid.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    JBL’s limo starts to make its way out of the back and it stops on the ramp. JBL gets out and JBL poses and takes off his cowboy hat

    Lillian Garcia: He is the self proclaimed Wrestling God…. Ladies and Gentleman JBL.

    JBL makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Randy Orton’s music begins to play and he makes his way out onto the entrance ramp.

    Lillian Garcia: And his opponent…Rand Orton.

    Orton makes his way down the entrance ramp and up the steel steps entering the ring. He goes face to face with JBL.

    Match starts as both men tie it up, Orton puts JBL in a headlock but JBL reverses into a irish whip. Orton comes running back and JBL looks for a clothesline but Orton ducks. Orton runs back after him and JBL turns around and it met by a cross body. Orton hooks the leg going for the cover, 1.…………………kickout.

    King: JBL won’t be beaten so easily.

    Orton stands up and kicks JBL on his left hand, he walks over and stomps on JBL’s right knee, he walks over to his other side and stomps on JBL’s left knee, now walks over and stomps on his left Hand. He now jumps up and hits JBL in the head with a knee drop. He lays on him going for the cover, 1.………….2.……………kick out.

    King: Orton seems to be getting frustrated.

    Orton lifts up JBL, but JBL grabs Orton and delivers a poke to the eye. He now gets up and grabs Orton and slams him with a fall away slam. JBL stands up and looks at the booing crowd with a smile on his face. He now lifts up Orton and places his head between his legs, JBL acts like he is putting out a cigarette on Orton’s back as he lifts him up and lays him back down with a power bomb. He lays on top of him going for the win, 1.……………………………2.………………….kickout.


    JBL slams the mat in frustration as he gets up and lifts up Orton with him, he irish whips Orton into the ropes, JBL runs after Orton looking for the clothesline from hell but Orton ducks, JBL runs into the turnbuckle, Orton turns JBL around and plants him with the RKO, he lays on top of him and hooks the leg as the ref slides in for the cover, 1.……………………2.………………………..3!!!

    Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner….Randy….ORTON!!!!

    Orton raises his right arm in the air as Shane slides in the ring behind him and nails him with the Canadian. title to the back of his head. Shane turns him around and sits on him and begins punching away at Orton. JBL now gets up on his feet as Shane lifts up Orton. JBL runs after him and nails him with the clothesline from hell. Shane now rolls Orton out of the ring. He walks over to the commentators booth and takes the monitors away. JBL grabs Orton and hoist him up on his shoulder as he walks over to Shane, he lays Orton on top of the Desk.


    Shane slides in the ring and climbs on the top turnbuckle. He jumps off with a elbow drop landing on Orton causing the desk to break. The crowd chants holy shit as JBL lifts up Shane. He walks over to the ring as Shane grabs the Canadian title from in the ring, he holds it up high as both JBL and Shane raise the Canadian title.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Chris Jericho makes his way out from the backstage area onto the entrance ramp and down to the ring. The crowd is going insane for Jericho.

    Lillian Garcia: Making way to the ring…….He is the Iotolah of Rock and Rolla….Chris Jericho.

    Jericho makes his way up the entrance steps and does his patent taunt on the ropes before entering the ring and taunting the crowd to get them on their feet. Jericho soaks in the response from the crowd as he waits for his partner.

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    Brock Lesnar makes his way out from behind the curtain. Jumping up and down at the top of the entrance ramp getting himself focused on his WWE return. The crowd is going insane for Lesnar.

    Lillian Garcia: Making his return to the WWE….He is BROCK LESNAR.

    Lesnar makes his way down the ramp and jumps up on the apron causing sparks to explode from the turnbruckles. Lesnar enters the ring and walks towards his partner as they wait their opponents.

    RVD’s music comes on and the fans start go crazy for RVD. RVD starts to make his way out of the back and RVD’s pyro goes off.

    Lillian Garcia: And their opponents…He is the Intercontinental Champion….Rob Van Dam.

    RVD make his way out of the back and RVD with the Intercontinental Championship around his shoulder goes down the ramp and RVD rolls into the ring and RVD poses which gets the crowd going a RVD chant.

    The music of Sabu hits the PA system and the fans cheer him. Sabu comes out from behind the curtains and stops on the stage, He then does his taunt bending to the side and pointing up to his Uncle in the heavens The Shiek. He proceeds to walk down the aisle with his money in the bank briefcase in his other hand. He goes on the mat and jumps to top rope entering the ring. He goes up the turnbuckles and plays to the crowd.

    Lillian Garcia: From Bombay, India. Standing at 6 feet and weighing in at 220 lbs. . .The Genocidal . .Suicidal . ..Death Defying ….. .Sabu!!

    Sabu hands his money in the bank briefcase to the ref

    The match starts as RVD and Chris tie it up, RVD gets the better of the two and he irish whips Chris into the ropes, and he comes running back he is clotheslined by RVD’s leg. Jericho rolls out of the ring, he stands against the apron as RVD runs across the ring as he drops down looking for a baseball slide but Jericho moves over and RVD falls out of the ring. Jericho lifts him up and throws him in the steel steps. He walks over and lifts up RVD and slams his head against the steel stairs, he now throws him in the ring. Jericho slides in the ring, he gets up and stomps away at RVD. He now tags in Lesnar. Jericho lifts up RVD and holds him as Lesnar kicks RVD in the gut. Jericho now goes back to his corner.

    Lesnar lifts him up and delivers a suplex, he lays on him for the cover, 1.…………..2.……kick out. Lesnar gets back up as he grabs Rob by the hair lifting him up. He now grabs RVD in the bear hug position and runs against the turnbuckle, he now hits him with a few shoulder thrust, he now tosses RVD aside as he now drops down with a elbow drop, he now lays on him going for the pin again, 1.……………….2.……kick out.

    Lesnar gets up shaking his head as he lifts up RVD, he puts him in the fall away position as he now throws him. Lesnar gets up and walks towards Jericho and tags him in. Jericho runs to the other side of the ring and jumps on the middle rope and jumps off with a lionsault, he lays on him going for the cover but Sabu is seen on the top turnbuckle and he jumps off and nails Jericho in the back of the head with a leg drop breaking up the pin. Lesnar runs after him as Sabu slides out of the ring.

    Lesnar runs after Sabu but he is drop toe hold on top of the steel steps. Sabu now stands on the apron as RVD is sliding over to him. Jericho is up and he grabs RVD by the head lifting him up, RVD kicks him with a kick to the back of the head, he now turns back around and jumps over to Sabu and tags him in.

    Sabu runs after Jericho and delivers a leg drop but Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho gets up and quickly grabs Sabu’s legs looking for the walls of Jericho but Sabu reverses into a small package, the ref slides in as he goes for the win, 1.………………….2.…………………..3!!!

    - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - -

    After the commercial break, we are greeted with a very different looking ring setup. It has a green carpet thrown over it. 2 Roman pedestals are set up towards the back of the ring, with elaborate flower arrangements resting on them. Jerry the King Lawler is standing in the middle of the ring, with a butler, holding a bottle of very expensive champaign, standing to his right. The butler doesn’t flinch, but holds the bottle very carefully as the King grins with delight.

    King: It is my honor… and privilege to introduce the event of the evening. The Million Dollar Celebration!

    The crowd boos, but the King continues to smile.

    King: And who better to welcome the wealthiest group to the ring, than me… The King? So without further hesitation, let’s welcome… “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase!!!

    “Money, money, money, money, MONEEEEE-EEEEYYYYYYY! Everyone’s gotta price. Everyone’s gonna pay!” The music hits the arena as all in attendance boo. Ted Dibiase appears on the ramp wearing the finest suit money can buy. He grips the edges of his jacket, chest puffed out and laughs on the ramp. He struts down to ringside. As he approaches the ring, Jerry Lawler sits on the middle rope, allowing Ted to easily make his way inside. Ted and Lawler shake hands. Then Jerry passes him the mic and steps back allowing the regal man to speak.

    Dibiase: This is a night that has been LONG overdue! And tonight, I will be showcasing the most DOMINANT faction in wrestling history with this extravagant celebration. No expense has been spared. It’s just too bad we have to experience this grand occasion… with all of you. The WWE fans. Poor, downtrodden, white trash, inbred slobs who decided to take some time off from the unemployment line to be here tonight.

    The fans boo loudly as he rips into them. Ted only laughs at the reaction.

    Dibiase: At ECW’s Title or Title Less, we saw The Steiner Brothers… refuse to lower themselves to the standards of the Hardy Boys and Declaration of Domination. Instead, they will win the titles in a match that actually matters… a REAL, wrestling match. No ladders. No tables. No chairs. Just ability, strength and brains. So let’s welcome to the ring… Rick and Scott… The Million Dollar Tag Team… The STEINER BROTHERS!!!!

    The fans boo as the lights go out in the arena. A green siren goes off as the 2 men, decked out in fancy suits, minus the sleeves, make their way to the ring. Scott enters and flexes, then kisses his bicep. Rick barks like a dog after shaking Ted’s hand. Ted hands Scott his microphone and applauds as Scott prepares for a speech.

    Scott: That’s right, ladies and jerks! You are looking at the future… Dubya Dubya E and EC-Dubya Tag Team Champions of the World, when we defeat the so-called “champs” next week. And not with stunts and blown spots. NO… with REAL wrestling ability. We didn’t come back to participate in circus events, we came back to show the world what a REAL tag team can do.

    The crowd boos, but Scott is indifferent.

    Scott: So next week… the price of gold will skyrocket when it FINALLY becomes worth something once again.

    Scott hands the mic back to Ted and steps back, taking a spot next to his brother. Ted raises the mic to his lips once again.

    Dibiase: And speaking of Gold… next to the ring is the duo that is keeping the WWE Canadian title in our hands where it belongs. John Bradshaw Layfield and the Canadian Champion himself… Shane McMahon!

    “Here comes the Money! Money, money, money…” hits the PA system as Shane struts out from behind the curtain. He is also wearing a fine suit as is the man accompanying him, JBL. Shane makes it halfway down the ramp, then flicks open his suit jacket, revealing the title he holds proudly. JBL points at it and yells to the crowd. The 2 men, make their way into the ring and before Shane can speak, Ted interrupts.

    Dibiase: Shane. I know you are a McMahon and it pains me to do this… but… hand over your title.

    Shane looks a little confused and even a little bit reluctant, but unstraps his belt. As he does this, Ted claps his hands together and the butler sets down the bottle onto one of the nearby pedestals and exits the ring. As he does this, Shane hands the Canadian title to Ted slowly. The butler returns to the ring with a trash can and sets it down next to Ted, then wipes his hands clean, then leaves the ring once more.

    Ted holds the title up, then drops it into the trash.

    Dibiase: You won’t be needing that trash anymore.

    Shane looks shocked as his pride and joy is discarded. The butler has returned and hands Dibiase a brief case. He flicks the handles and the case pops open. Ted reaches in and pulls out the WWE US Title.

    Shane’s eyes light up, knowing what this was all about. Ted hands the title to Shane, who drapes it over his shoulder, smile on his face.

    Dibiase: That’s MUCH better.

    Ted hands the mic to Shane who is almost too busy admiring his belt to speak.

    Shane: Yeah… this one feels better. Better than that second rate belt named after a second rate country. As Scott Steiner likes to call it… Mexico North! No offense to all the Mexicans here tonight.

    Shane laughs as he looks back at Scott who tips his glasses to the McMahon in approval. Shane hands the mic back to Ted. Shane and JBL take their places next to the Steiners as they all admire his brand new, shiny gold title belt. Ted puffs out his chest a bit as the butler removes the trash can from his sight.

    Dibiase: And as many of you saw at ECW’s Pay-Per-View, we opened up a new branch of the Million Dollar Corporation. The ECW branch. And let’s welcome, the head of that branch, accompanied by Torrie Wilson… and our own Pot o’Gold, Fit Finlay… your ECW Heavyweight Champion… TRIPLE H!

    Triple H’s music hits as the lights go dim. He appears on the entranceway, wearing another fine suit and a bottle of water in his hand. To his right is Fit Finlay, also suited up and to Trip’s left is a lovely Torrie Wilson, wearing a sparkling evening gown. The 3 march to the ring as the crowd boos them on. Triple H hangs his coveted prize over his shoulder. As they enter the ring, all the men currently there greet them and shake their hands. Shane kisses Torrie’s hand and helps her into the ring. All eight of these stars stand side-by-side and raise their arms in unison.

    Ted hands the microphone to Triple H, who takes a moment, thinking about doing his patented water spit, but tosses the bottle aside instead. He looks back at the Champaign and decides to have a glass of that instead. The butler opens it up, pours a glass and hands it to HHH, who takes a refined swig and nods in approval.

    HHH: Ted, I gotta admit… you know how to throw one hell of a party.

    All the men in the ring agree as HHH takes another sip.

    HHH: That’s right folks. As you look around at the men in this ring… and our lady of course… all you see is gold or future gold. I will have not only the ECW championship, but soon, the WWE one as well. And as we collect our gold, piece by piece by piece, all you men in the back will just have to sit there… and look on with envy at all of us.

    Triple H smiles evilly and continues.

    HHH: Because there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Not in the WWE. And sure as hell not in ECW! Because we are not only the most wealthy group in wrestling history… but we are the most powerful as well. So don’t even THINK about trying to steal from us! Unless you wanna get taken to the bank!

    Triple H smiles at his pun and turns to Ted for approval. Ted nods that it was something he’d have said.

    HHH: So stay outta our way unless you wanna get tossed to the curb like a piece of TRASH! Because the GOLD is here to stay!

    With that, HHH tosses the microphone Jerry the King Lawler and raises his title high into the air. All the men begin to celebrate and have Champaign……


    Bret Hart makes his way onto the entrance ramp with a mic in hand. Million Dollar Corporation doesn’t seem to happy to see Bret.

    Bret Hart: You guys are a disgrace to wrestling. You call you guys actual wrestlers, that has got to be some kind of joke. I’m going to keep this really short cause all I’m going to say is this. Your group is nothing compared to what I’m going to show you all in the next up coming weeks. So Ted… Million Dollar Corp, be prepared for a New Foundation.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Back from commercial we see Tod Grisham standing by with Shawn Michaels.

    Tod: Shawn you asked for this time. What is it you’d like to say?

    Shawn looks at Tom; nods his head before beginning to speak.

    Shawn: I asked for this time Tod because I wanted to ask of something from Edge. I know it may be a little weird for me to ask something from Edge. But let’s face it he did ask of something from me last week. He asked for me and him to step in the ring at Summerslam….Which I have no problem what so over with. But I want to make him a challenge.

    Tod looks at Shawn wondering what sort of challenge.

    Tod: [/b] Shawn what sort of challenge?

    Shawn smiles at Tod before answering the question.

    Shawn Michaels: Edge I’ve been looking threw your matches this past year and I came to notice that out of all the people you’ve beaten this year. There was one man who has always had your number, one man you were never able to beat. And that’s Sabu.

    Tod: [/b]Well you kind of did cost him his chance at One Night Stand.

    Shawn laughs at the thought of that.

    Shawn Michaels: That’s irrelevant to anything. So Edge seeing how I accepted your challenge at Summerslam. Why not accept mine? Next week live right here on Raw, I say we have another classic encounter between you Edge and Sabu. I know you want this match, I know deep down you want to prove to the world you can beat him.


    Shawn Michaels: And if it makes you happy Edge I’ll even let you pick my opponent for next week. So what do you say………….

    Shawn walks out of screen view leaving Tod shocked by what Shawn has asked.

    Edge's theme hits the Arena as the fans let out a thunderous boo.... Smoke hits the ramp.. and after a while Edge appears out of the smoke with a cocky smile. He's wearing his usual Wrestling pants, with his long black coat.

    Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring…. he is the Rated R superstar………Edge.

    He makes his way to the ring. He slides in and looks at the crowd as they begin to boo him. "Edge sucks" chants are heard. Edge's music fades away as he waits for MVP.

    MVP’s music comes on and the crowd starts to cheer MVP. The inflatable entrance comes up and MVP runs through it and MVP walks around the ring and looks up at Edge.

    Edge slams MVP. MVP reverses a hip toss. Edge takes a headbutt from MVP. The referee is out, as he goes down after accidentally getting caught by an elbow to the face. Death valley driver by MVP, Edge got planted hard...that was cool. Hooks the leg, but the referee is still out. Edge blocks a kick from MVP. Thrown slam by Edge. Edge hits a piledriver on MVP. 1 - 2 - kick out. MVP ducks a Edge clothesline. Edge ducks a wild right hand. MVP hits a bulldog off the ropes. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Edge blocks a suplex attempt using the power of gravity. Edge uses a forearm to the face. Edge slams MVP down. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Powerbomb on MVP. 1 - 2 - 2.999.MVP reverses a Edge hammerlock. Edge walks into a jaw breaker. 1 - 2 - kick out. MVP brings out a jumping powerbomb to nearly kill Edge!! 1 - 2 - 2.999. MVP slams Edge down. Edge walks into a stiff lariat clothesline from MVP. Edge pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Big clothesline on MVP. Edge scores with a standing spinebuster. Edge pins him 1-2 and kick out by MVP. Edge slams MVP. Big clothesline on MVP. Thrown slam by Edge. MVP duck out of Edge’s bodyslam attempt. MVP slams Edge down. 1 - 2 - kick out. Edge ducks a wild right hand. MVP walks into a slam. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Powerbomb on MVP. 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3. MVP blocks a suplex attempt using the power of gravity. MVP uses a forearm to the face. Edge ducks a wild right hand. Edge slams MVP down. Back elbow connects, Edge staggers backward. Big piledriver on Edge. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Edge kicks MVP in the gut to reverse the momentum. Edge slams MVP. Running knee lift from Edge. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Lifting DDT by Edge. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. Back elbow connects, MVP staggers backward. Edge walks into a trip. Full nelson on Edge...i remember when Warlord used to do that. God he sucked. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Death valley driver by MVP, Edge got planted hard...that was cool. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. MVP with a spinning neckbreaker on Edge. Back suplex on Edge. Big clothesline on Edge. Powerbomb on MVP. Edge hits a right hand. MVP gets slammed. Running knee lift from Edge. Back elbow connects, MVP staggers backward. MVP backdrops Edge out of a piledriver attempt. Bodyslam by MVP. Massive backbreaker, Edge got planted. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Edge gets out the back of a MVP bodyslam attempt. MVP walks into a slam. 1 - 2 - no 3 though. MVP walks into a slamming shoulder. MVP blocks a kick from Edge. MVP hits some punches. Edge fights out of a grapple. Edge fires off some right and left hands. Edge misses a clothesline. Edge gets slammed. Edge reverses an irish whip...and . MVP runs into the referee. Hah, die referee scum! Spear! Edge is down. Hooks the leg, but the referee is still out. Edge counters a backdrop with a kick to the face. Back elbow connects, MVP staggers backward. Massive backbreaker, MVP got planted. 1 - 2 - kick out. Edge scores with a standing spinebuster. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. . MVP elbows Edge in the face to break a hammerlock. Big piledriver on Edge. 1 - 2 - 2.999 Edge kicks . MVP in the gut to reverse the momentum. . MVP hooks up a suplex, but it is blocked. Edge scores with a low blow, then turns it into a small package! The referee didn't see the illegal blow! 1...2...3! . MVP got screwed out of the victory!

    Edge exits the ring and grabs Lillians Mic.

    Edge: Shawn your own, your little challenge has been accepted. And just so you and the rest of the world know. Your opponent next week will be one of the coolest men on the planet. He is making his first appearance in the WWE in quite some time. Shawn it will be you versus Carlito Carribean Cool.

    Edge drops the mic and makes his way around the ring up the entrance ramp

    - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Triple H’s music blasts throughout the arena. Triple H’s music comes on and the fans start to boo the Game. HHH makes his out of the back with a water bottle and takes a drink of it and starts to walk down the ramp

    Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring……He is the king of kings and ECW World champion…..Triple H.

    Triple H gets on the apron and then HHH spits the water out at the crowd. HHH gets into the ring and poses and waits for Undertaker.


    ((Rest In Peace)) booms throughout the arena as smoke is now covering the entire walkway, rising up to a level in which the arena floor itself is impossible to see. JR adjusts his glasses in the ring and continues to look on in absolute awe, and the fans have now erupted with an unprecedented level of cheers for the legendary Lord Of Darkness. Within moments, the Phenom, walks out from behind the curtain and steps to the start of the long walkway, his Undisputed WWE Championship grasped firmly in his right hand. His hair drenched with water and his eyes locked on the ring yards away from him, the Phenom proceeds to make his way down to the ring, walking through the smoke with a God-like aura radiating from his body.

    Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring he is the …The Phenom…………The Undertaker.

    Apon approaching the ring, Taker looks on without giving an inch, before turning his head to his left and bringing his body in the same direction. He slowly approaches the steel steps, and then turns so that he is directly in front of them. Undertaker bows his head and grabs the bottom of his trenchcoat, and pushes his trenchcoat away from his feet so that he doesn’t trip as he proceeds to the top of the steps. Once there, Taker releases the bottom of the coat and again bows his head, and allows several moments to pass by, until The Deadman slowly raises his arms, he also raises his head and rolls his eyes in the back of this head. This causes the lights in the arena to return to normal, and seconds later Undertaker begins his arms back down and his eyes return to their normal position. He then walks onto the apron and grabs his hat with his right hand, as he enters the ring.

    The match starts with both men staring each other down. Triple H walks closer to Undertaker but he does not move. Triple H walks even closer to him and punches him straight in the face. Undertaker does not budge; Undertaker looks straight at Triple H who punches him again. Undertaker does not seem phased at all and looks at Triple H again. Triple H looks in shock. Triple H goes for another punch but Undertaker catches his fist and throws it down and Undertaker slams Triple H in the face with multiple punches to the face. Undertaker irish whips Triple H into the ropes and he comes back and is met by a hard clothesline by Undertaker. Undertaker runs to the ropes and comes back and delivers a leg drop on the neck of Triple H. He goes for the cover, 1...2...kickout. Undertaker looks up at the ref and gets back on his feet. Undertaker picks up Triple H and grabs his arm and walks over to turnbuckle and climbs the tope rope. Undertaker walks on the tope rope but Triple H knocks him down causing Undertaker to lowblow himself landing on the ropes. Triple H pushes Undertaker to the outside of the ring.

    JR: Triple H saves himself from probably from losing the match.

    Triple H grabs Taker and leans him against the barricade. Triple H throws multiple punches to Taker's face who seems to feel the effects now. Triple H now irish whips Taker into the steel steps causing a loud bang as Taker lands into them. Triple H walks over to him and picks up the first half of the stairs. Triple H lifts up the stairs and brings begins to slam it down on Takers head but Taker punches Triple H in the stomach causing Triple H to drop the steps. Taker picks up the steps and slams it in Triple H's face the crowd is going nuts cheering. Triple H falls down on the floor quickly after that shot. Taker throws the steps out of his way and walks over to Triple H and lifts him up and puts him in the ring causing his head to stick out under the first rope. Taker jumps on the apron and runs across it and delivers a leg drop on Triple H's neck. Triple H grabs his neck and rolls around in the ring as Taker slides back in the ring.

    JR: My god, He almost took Triple H’s head off with that move.

    Taker goes for the pin, 1....2....kickout. Taker gets up and walks over to the ref who jumps out of the ring. Taker now looks back at Triple H and walks over to him. Taker lifts up Triple H by the neck, Taker now lifts up Triple H looking for a chokslam but it is reversed into a ddt. Both men lay on the mat for a couple seconds. Triple H crawls on his stomach and reaches over and lays his arm on Takers chest going for a pin, 1.....2....kickout. The crowd cheers knowing the match is still going on. Triple H gets up on his feet and so does Taker. Taker comes running after Triple H but is met by a high knee by Triple H. Triple H is now in control, he walks over to Taker and delivers a face breaker knee smash. Triple H goes for another cover, 1....2..kickout. Triple H slams the mat in anger and gets back on his feet. Taker sits up and the crowd goes nuts.

    Jerry Lawler: He’s sat up!

    Triple H runs over and kicks Taker in the face causing him to fall down on the mat. Triple H picks up Taker and delivers a neckbreaker. Triple H goes for the cover, 1...2...kickout. Triple H slams the mat as he rises back to his feet and looks down at Taker and motions the suck it taunt to him. Triple H picks up Taker and kicks him in the gut and goes for the pedigree but Taker reversed it into a backbody drop. Triple H gets back on his feet and runs after Taker but is met by a big boot to his face. Undertaker picks up Triple H and kicks him in the gut. Taker now grabs Triple H's arm and walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up it, he walks on the rope and jumps off slamming his arm across the back of Triple H. Taker walks over to Triple H and grabs him by the neck and lifts him up and delivers a chokslam. Taker motions for the end and wait for Triple H to get up. Triple H slowly makes hit back to his feet with the help of the ropes; Undertaker stands behind him stalking him. Just as Triple H is about to turn around and fall into Undertakers trap; he notices Taker waiting and quickly ducks down and under the bottom rope. Undertaker follows after Triple H. Triple H is moving as quickly as possible to get away from the Undertaker; he walks to where Lillian is sitting and throws her off the chair grabbing it. Undertaker doesn’t notice and continues to walk towards Triple H. Triple H turns around and blasts Taker with a hard chair shot. The chair has been dented in half from the power behind the chair. The ref has no choice but to call for the bell disqualifying Triple H. He ignores the fact he was dqed and lifts Taker to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Triple H looks under the ring and pulls out the sledgehammer that just so happened to be positioned there. Triple H rolls in the ring and waits for Taker to make it back to his feet. As Triple H rolls in the ring; Taker sits up staring a hole in Triple H. He stops in his tracks and exiting the ring as fast as possible. He stands on the outside of the ring with the sledgehammer in his hand as Taker remains in the sit up position staring at him.

    YouTube Player

    Stone Cold makes his way out of the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. The crowd boo’s at the site of Stone Cold. Austin stares on in the ring and down the ramp towards Triple H and Undertaker

    Stone Cold: I told everyone that by the end of the night a decision would be made concerning the WWE title situation.


    Stone Cold: Which is why I booked you Triple H and Undertaker against one an other. You were the two men who pinned each other last week in the number one contenders match. Now after watching your match here tonight it’s quite clear the decision I must make.


    Stone Cold: You idiots seem to forget that saying WHAT? To me doesn’t faze me. I came up with WHAT? So how the hell is that going to bother me.


    Stone Cold: Before I make my decision concerning the WWE title situation and what the main event at Summerslam will be. I say we bring out the WWE champion himself.

    Raven’s music hits and he receives a mixed reaction from the crowd. Raven makes his way out on the entrance ramp with the WWE Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. He slowly makes his way next to Stone Cold.

    Stone Cold: Ladies and gentleman your WWE World Champion…… RAVEN.


    Stone Cold: Raven I hope you’ve been thinking about my offer. I know you’ll make the right choice.


    Stone Cold: I didn’t bring you out here to talk about that, we can discuss that later. I brought you out here so you and the WWE audience can all here first hand who your opponent at Summerslam will be.

    Triple H and Undertaker continue to look back and forth from each other to Stone Cold.

    Stone Cold: At Summerslam…. The main event for the WWE World Heavyweight championship will be…… Raven versus The UNDERTAKER.


    Stone Cold: Versus Triple H.


    Stone Cold: In a triple threat match.

    Raven stares at Austin questioning his decision to put him in a match against both of them instead of just choosing one of them and screwing the other over. Triple H and Undertaker stare at each other smiling; happy with Austin’s decision.

    Stone Cold: Now Raven I know the odds may seem stacked against you, but don’t worry about it.

    The crowd, Triple H and Undertaker look on wondering what that just meant. Raven looks at Austin thinking the same thing, but he acts as though he is the only one that understood him.

    Stone Cold: Now I also promised an announcement concerning our next WWE Raw live in Las Vegas…..It’s been almost four years since we’ve seen this used and next week it’s coming back. Next week on Raw will be the return of the RAW ROULETTE.


    Stone Cold: Every single match will have a stipulation for them, but no one will know what it is until it comes match time.

    Stone Cold is about to drop his mic and exit to the backstage area, but he turns around having forgotten something else to say.

    Stone Cold: Oh yes I almost forget. Next week will also be the first in three handicap matches you three will be competing in. Next week it will be you Undertaker teaming with you Raven versus Triple H.

    The crowd is stunned from the announcement. Just like all three men are in shock of it also. They all look at each other wondering how the hell are we going to get along.

    Stone Cold: And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!

    Stone Cold’s music hits and he makes his way to the backstage area. All three men remain where they are staring at each other.

    JR: By Gawd what a night we have for you next week! Edge and Sabu clash in what will be another horrific war. Shawn Michaels and Carlito will do war and now a handicap main event. Ladies and gentleman thank you for joining us will see you next week from Sin City…..

    WWE logo fades on screen.

    Dynamite Kid vs Miz - The Future
    JBL vs Orton - The Future
    RVD and Sabu vs Brock and Jericho - The Futre
    Million Dollar Segment - Darth Smurf
    Edge vs MVP - Juve
    Undertaker vs Triple H - J~P
    Stone Cold segment - J~P

    J~P:Thank you The Future for writing the amount of matches you did, if it wasn't for you I might have never gotten these matches down, especially with this week. I'm sorry the show is up late, it's been a real hectic week and I had no time what so ever to do anything. Anyways the show is up hope you all enjoy I know it's probably not one of the best. Also for the edge vs mvp match i wanted to edit it in making it look better written and so on, but i just didnt feel like doing it and just wanted to get the card out ASAP.
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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    Great I won....Sorry about the Edge vs Mvp match not being so great. it was my first my match I wrote.

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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    Not a bad show like, congrats rvd and sabu.. illl be back!
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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    Great show and I'm the United States Champion now, What a huge match announced for SummerSlam
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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    Great show, I pick up the win and now coming after shane o mac's u.s title. He won't be holding it for very long.

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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    great show all around, looking forward to next week's

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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    That was a pretty good show, topped off with The Undertaker beating Triple H, albeit by disqualification. Now we team up to face Raven in the first of three Handicap matches...this should be good.

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    Re: WWE Monday Night Raw - Results from 07/29/07

    ehh good show.. my match came off a bit short but meh shit happens

    good job everybody
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